Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Are you looking for an Agent in Reunion Resort, Celebration, Kissimmee or the Disney area to sell your home?  Many Home Owners contact us to sell their home for a myriad of reasons.  The home you currently own might be too small due to a growing family, or even too big for an empty nester.  Maybe you own a vacation rental and it is not working out like you thought.

Investing in a Sales Agent is a major decision.  One of the most important factors when hiring a Sale Agent is to

"Matthew approached me not long after I became an 'absentee' owner of a property in Reunion resort Florida. Came time I wanted to sell, Matt listed the house and sold it in a matter of weeks, every piece of paperwork explained and processed with zero delay.
I would not hesitate to recommend - in fact I would urge the reader to seriously consider - Matt as a leading contender when looking for an honest, reliable, and downright nice guy realtor"
C. Foggitt - Owner in Reunion, Florida
ask the question, "How will you market my home?"  The biggest mistake made today by many Agents is they simply plug the home into the MLS (multiple listing service), a system exclusive to licensed Real Estate Agents that is made up of a database of homes for sale in the area, and hope another Agent brings them a buyer.  A great system indeed for added exposure, however there are many other ways to market the home to help it sell faster and at a higher price.  When the time comes to sell your home, be sure to ask your Agent how they will market the home.

How will we sell your home fast?  For starters, the power of global marketing of course.  Your home will be sent out via the internet through websites, vacation home websites, youtube, facebook, email blasts and many other social media sites.  The home will have it's own webpage with a QR code for smartphones and a mobile website.  How about it's own private texting line where people can text a number and receive information about your home?  We provide this as well at no extra fee as well as a preferred listing section on AND, all this for no added fee and you don't pay unless we sell the home!  The home will also be photographed using a wide angle high definition camera.  This is a critical requirement when selling a home.  How many times have you viewed a home online and saw pictures dark, grey, small and even taken with cell phones?  These types of photos are not going to help you sell the home and in most cases will deter the interested buyer.  Great looking photos are a must with the power of the internet today.

If you would like to sell your home, or even inquire about a Free Market Analysis to see what your home is worth, contact us today at (863) 420-7247 or fill out this information form about the home you would like to sell.  We will contact you within 15 minutes of normal business hours, M-S 9am - 6pm, Sunday 2p-6p